Introducing Visual Artist Aparna Swarup

Visual artist Aparna Swarup discovered her calling to painting as a child. She was born in Kanpur,India. She received her undergraduate degree from Rajasthan University and her Masters degree from Punjab University.

A major influence in igniting her career as an artist happened during her diplomat husband’s posting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It was there that she drew knowledge and inspiration from several Ethiopian Masters.

A further travel led her to London, where she studied Life Drawing Course in Hampstead, and Life Painting & Mixed Media Painting in Central St. Martins.

Aparna’s main medium has been oil paintings. During her years in South Africa, she challenged herself and her medium to work with photography and printers ink. The results have been phenomenal.

She has also dabbled in Sumi E the traditional ink painting of Japan.

They say “a picture is worth a thousand words” and when one views her body of works, one becomes part of her journey in life.


Her artistic talent becomes her own personal language and lens, with which she manages to bring out the extraordinary from the ordinary.


Aparna Swarup’s artworks have received high acclaim in all the countries she has exhibited in.  Her paintings and photography are part of many corporate and private collections.


She presently lives and works in New Delhi, India.


Aparna Swarup Exhibition highlights:

  • June 2011 Fundraiser solo art show and talk for tsunami victims, at Ritz Carlton, Osaka, Japan
  • March 2010 Solo Exhibition “ Mixed Doubles” Miele Tokyo,Japan
  • April 2009 Solo Exhibition “Bioscope” Miele, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • November 2008 Solo Exhibition “Confluence”Kizo Art Gallery in Durban South Africa
  • September 2008 participated in a group exhibition called ‘Satyagraha’ which was part of the ‘Shared Histories’ festival in South Africa
  • September 2007 Invited to Heritage Arts Festival in Durban South Africa
  • Invited to a charity project to interpret South African celebrities. Actress Leleti Khumalo was Aparna’s subject
  • May 2007 Solo Exhibition “Risky Dreams” at Le Canard,Johannesburg South Africa
  • April 2006 participated in a fundraiser by the External Affairs Spouses Association, New Delhi
  • January 2005 participated in Artist Camp, Agra, celebrating 350 years of the Taj Mahal
  • October 2002 Exhibition at Affordable Art Fair atBatterseaPark
  • October – November 2002 exhibition at British Gallery “Artistic Licence”
  • February 2002 Solo Exhibition in London, Nehru Centre, Mayfair titled “Different Strokes”
  • May 2000 Solo exhibition “Creations” at Alliance Française in Addis Ababa and the Addis Ababa Hilton
  • January 2000 participated in a major exhibition ‘Meftel’ by the Heinrich Boll Foundation. Her works travelled from Germany to several East African countries.